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About Ittadi Home Decor

Ittadi Home Decor was conceptualized in the autumn of 2015 from Kolkata, India. Since then, it has consolidated its roots in handcrafted and handmade products while emphasizing on creating links between the urban and rural.


Ittadi aims in sustaining livelihood in the villages through women empowerment and building happy homes. From women doing Kantha along with their day to day work to tailors stitching it to give the perfect shape, Ittadi owes its essence to the real custodians of Bengal Kantha embroidery.


There's a story behind everything we sell - the story of a product ,the dream of the makers to achieve a high satisfaction level of our customers. With fresh, seasonal styles, contemporary and modern cushion designs,we remain a place that our customers are happy to call - Home.


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Ittadi Home Decor
Ittadi Home Decor

What We Offer

Ittadi Home Decor specializes both in home and fashion collections. Our signature collection is the beautiful Kantha embroidered cushion designs & pillow cover design which have a modern and international feel and look.


We have cushions of various sizes. From the popular 16 x 16 inches cushion cover to 9 x 12 inches, 12 x 16 inches, 18 x 10 inches or even the more adventurous 36 x 14 inches, Ittadi has a size for every home. We do intricate Kantha Embroidery on pure handwoven organic khadis coupled with attractive inner hand block printed linings. With hidden zippers as closures, the cushion designs look urban and classy. Ittadi emphasizes on craftsmanship and high quality materials. We love innovating our designs and creating enduring products to give you a dream home. A statement of style and beauty!


At present Ittadi's core focus is on Cushion covers & pillow covers.However we are looking forward to add varieties in the home decor segment by introducing new items to beautify your home


We keep track of the latest trends in home decor, particularly cushion covers & improvise accordingly. We also take inspiration from the world around us, the culture we live in today & recommendations from our patrons worldwide.


To add colour and style to your home with our signature cushion designs write to us at [email protected]


Happy Shopping at Ittadi Home Decor.